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Dermatological problems are very frustrating and often require life-long therapy.

Our goals are to arrive at an accurate diagnosis, set up the best therapeutic plan for your pet and minimize disease recurrence.    

Arrive at an accurate diagnosis.  This involves extensive testing including skin scraping, skin cytology, bacterial and fungal cultures, biopsy, allergy testing, and video-otoscopic examination.  These tests do add expense to the overall bill, but are necessary to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis possible.   If you have budget concerns, please let the veterinary nurse or doctor know ahead of time.   However, realize that eliminating some diagnostics compromises the ability to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis.

Offer a range of therapies best suited for your pet.  In some cases the best form of therapy will involve expenses and time commitments that you may not be able to provide.  If you have budgetary concerns or time restraints in therapy please let the Veterinary Nurse or Doctor know so that we can taper the treatment to your needs.  Additionally, we will attempt to give an honest assessment for the amount of improvement to expect with therapy.

Minimize recurrences and severity of dermatologic disease.  Dermatological conditions are rarely curable, and most cases, in spite of the best of therapeutic plans, can result in flares of the dermatitis.  The best way to achieve this goal is to call and give feedback when instructed after the examination and to call whenever you have any questions or concerns.  We do provide a written report to your veterinarian with each visit and many times future problems can be handled by them.  However, the best way for us to keep your pet as comfortable as possible is to keep abreast of any problems that arise.